06 feb 2015

TG Swapping Caps: The Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event

TG Swapping Caps: The Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event: As you all know, I love the Great Shift, Swap Class, Exchange Island, and Long Distance Body Swapping.   Here's an actual idea of m...

15 ott 2011

From boy to tomboy

 After the Great Shift  the student Daniel, became Sara one of his former classmates. Despite his new gender, Daniel continued to behave like a boy dressing with a sloppy clothes. But one day the unexpected happned: he felt in love with a boy. They started to date and when he invited the new Sara to the prom, he felt unsuitable showing so unfeminine. So she  asked for help to the most popular girl in the school Tiffany. Now at Tiffany's home the new Sara has learned graceful gestures and  a new posture and how apply a make up but she's still fear of walking in high heels or wear a barbie dress like Tiffany but this is the price to pay for her new aquired feminity.