19 apr 2009

The magic mirror

John buy an ancient mirror in a strange antiquarian shop. When he hung up it on the wall, his reflection started to vibrate and he was sucked up by the mirror and he found himself in the body of an unknown woman in a new house. He didn't know that the mirror was cursed and that another one, did the same thing to Miss Parker, the woman which now John inhabits the body, that lived 100 miles away. John is shocked; he tries to recognize himself, but he cannot. Two lifes switched forever

18 apr 2009

Mechanic lady

Harry was a great worker, he's was mad for the cars. When the Great shift happens he found himself in the body of one of his client a refined lady named Gloria. Even in this body he keep on working; he buy a pair of women jeans but no bra he made a tattoo like old body he done too and start to repair the car.

13 apr 2009

The stream

"You're searching in vain Robert, the stream has already the medallion carry away, so now you're my wife Pam and I'll be your hubby, my dear"