30 nov 2009

Boring lesson

Daniel is listening a boring lesson in his daughter's body. Since the accident with switch-machine they decided to live each other's life for some days. Daniel is confused by the new behaviour that he must learn, like keeping his new legs united if he don't want received strange glimpses from his mates.

28 nov 2009

A sweet awakening

Billy is awakening and putting his mules after a night with "his girlfriend" in each other's body. She is a scientist and decided to test her switch-machine on him. Now she's working in the lab to rapeat the swap but Billy is so happy to inhabit this female body that he's thinking to ask her of remaining in this way for a little longer.

27 nov 2009

Every morning

Every morning I see my wife's face in the mirror instead of mine. She found out that I had an affair with my secretary and she decided to punish me. I didn't know that she was a witch and she swapped are bodies for sometime. I hope that she's tiring to work in my office like I'm tired of this face.

26 nov 2009

Wish granted

Mark is walking on the street when he saw a beautiful woman. He thought of be in her panties when a light hit him. Suddenly his panorama was obscured by a pair of sunglasses wait! he didn't wear any glasses. He took off them and see his new body body. Oh no! he blamed himself for the wish but he didn't know that was GS' fault.

20 nov 2009

The music contest

I was a brilliant piano student and I was on the point of winning the annual music essay and start a career like a musician. Unfortunately I was not the only one in the school, Amanda Colbert was better than me me because she had long-tapered fingers. She always teasing me for my short hands so I bought a swap spell from SRU shop and when will comes the the audition day I will got my revenge. That day I entered in her dressing-room, I narcotized her and swap my body with her. When my turn had comes I entered in the room hearing the strange clicking of my new heels, I smoothed my skirt and I've played like I never did before. There no doubt I was the winner of the musical contest. I must had only one thing: awake "Amanda" and leave her to her destiny of poor music student and see me while I will become a music star.