31 dic 2009

Sorcerer's apprentice

Ryan and John are two sorcerer's apprentice. First they stole their girlfriend's bodies and now they're searching a spell to fall in love their teachers in order to raise their votes.

30 dic 2009

The black robe

Mark was out of the city for work so it's was too late for going back home and celebrating his wife's birthday. He met a witch and he told her that tonight I wished to be in bed with his wife.
The old witch cast a spell on his head and when he opened his eyes suddenly he noticed the black robe of his wife and under that a pair of tits he knew too well, he knew he was cheated.

29 dic 2009

The punishment

The little Timmy made a trick to his big sister Tiffany using the medallion of Zulo for change their bodies into each other. Tiffany was so upset that when their mom found what Timmy have done that she didn't wait that the twelve hours were passed but she decided to spank him immediately.

28 dic 2009

Back to work

Two weeks have passed since The GS happened, but David is ready to going back to work. Certainly it's no longer a big man but a petite asian woman and he's ready to face the reactions of colleagues who also have changed their appearance.

23 dic 2009

The best cocktail

When someone told Robby that the best cocktail he had drunk was on Exchange Island, he never imagined that one would drink into the body of a girl. Now the one problem was that in this shape he couldn't drink more than two cocktails because this female body does not hold up too well alcohol.

21 dic 2009


"It's hard to try to be a man when you wear something like that" Ronald is thinking five days after the Great shift.

18 dic 2009

The strange website (part2)

Mick is concerned, was unable to trace the mysterious website. Now he has decided to stop and think. So he took a cigarette. Unconsciously he acquired feminine gesture, but unfortunately he heard a noise on the stairs, his girlfriend is coming back ...

16 dic 2009

The strange website (part 1)

Mick was surfing on internet when he found a new sexy chat called the switch suddenly he entered and clicked on a sexy babe but after that he was transformed in a copy of that girl. Suddenly Mick reacted to the shock clicking again on the appeared icon with his former face but the site was obscured immediately so he tried to reconnect before his girlfriend coming back home.

15 dic 2009

For what it's worth...

We guess http://theartofbodyswap.blogspot.com is
written by a woman
however it's quite gender neutral.

What gender is your blog?
Find out!


The goddess of fertility

Pamela and his husband Anthony wanted a child but he was sterile. Anthony decided to evocate Cybele the goddess of fertility. So one morning at the rising of the first sun he makes a complex ritual on the shore but something went wrong. He didn't know that only females had access to the ritual so when he said the last magic word his body was changed in the shape of a young girl. After being arrived at home and explained at Pam what was happened he found with much horror that the magic spell can be broken only after that "new mother" had given to birth five children.

14 dic 2009


Julian was a young scientist that used the big patrimony of his father to invent a switch-machine after some tests on the animals he decide to use on the people. The subject of the experiment were himself and his friend student Nicole. The experiment was a success they decided to remained in each other's body for 24 hours to testing the new feelings. So Julian passed the night at Nicole's home. The following morning he went to his mansion but on the gate there was his butler that informed him that "Mr. Julian" didn't wanna see "her" anymore. He realized that was cheated.

12 dic 2009

The wait

Larry is waiting for that the old magic shopkeeper finds a magic book in order to reverse a magic spell. One week ago his secretary Lola used magic word to switch their roles, but now Larry has found a SRU shop and he's ready to pay a lot in order to make the things back.

10 dic 2009

The big favor

"Hello Donald? ...No I'm not Melanie I'm her brother Mick, I used the magic medallion that I've found to turn myself into a copy of her. Do you remember? You help me to make me going in bed with your sis Tori now I will return the favor so hurry up before my sis will find us!"

8 dic 2009

The Jimmy's birthday

Although in his mother's body the little Jimmy wants to celebrate his fourth birthday. With the help of his dad, now in his sister's body, he bakes a cake and now he's ready for putting off the candles. For his present he expected of receiving a transformer instead of three pair of nylons.

5 dic 2009

The first date

A year has passed since the great shift happened. Mick had used to live the life of his sister Hilary and now is ready for his first date with a guy. Without thinking he developed many feminine gestures like looking himself in the mirror many times a day and smoothing his skirt. His date Gerald will never suspect that body is inhabited by a former male.

2 dic 2009

The farmer's daughter

I was a salesman and I was going through the Midwest when I remained out of gas. So I met a farmer that hosted me for the night and give some fuel. Before going bed his teenage daughter
entered in my room; she told of her abusive father and of life with no ambitions. We start to become very closer and we made love. During the act she said strange words and I fall in an hard sleep. I woke up in the middle of morning and suddenly I felt very strange not only i was in her room but i was her, completely. I flew out of the room but i met "my father" that told me that the stranger was gone early. So I begin to see, she used some magic spell to escape to her miserable life. Now I year has passed and I used to live the life of Marybelle (my new name) and my only amusement is try to seduce the farm's occasional visitors behind daddy's back.

The magic bulbs

Jimmy had bought a sack of magic bulb from a strange shop one week ago. He wanted to trade place with his big sisters Melanie so he planted one in order to make his wish true. But now after only a week his tired of his new life; he had enough of gossip friends, horny boys and so much responsibility. So he decided to put another bulb on the ground in order to retake his old life back. Poor Jimmy! he doesn't know that his sis has replaced his magic bulbs with normal ones.