4 dic 2010

Little benefits

After the GS Bob was very sad of founding himself in a body of a woman, but when he decided to join to an aerobics class he was very pleased to make the more strange positions without squeezing his balls.

29 nov 2010

Not Request Service

"Hey Jim don't worry I'm your buddy Don, I buyed a magic spell in a SRU shop and I've taken the form of your ex-gf Kelly. I kow how you miss her so much so I decided to repay with you giving a night of great plesaure.. Wait a moment what does it mean Kelly broke up with you because she found out you're gay? Oh no I spent my money for nothing, shit!"

9 nov 2010

Dinner promotion

"Yes mom, nobody suspects I'm not you but I hope dad will repair the switch machine before tonight, beacuse your boss offered me a promotion but I have to go out with him. So in case can I put your black sheath dress? No mom I will not spoil it, promise!"

23 ott 2010

Arranged marriage

Yasmeen was sad. Her parents had prepared for her an arranged marriage with a wealthy member of their community. Two days before the marriage she knew her old friend Omar who was studying abroad, took part to the ceremony. She rembered of the magic who learned from her granny and decided to steal Omar 's life. The day of the ceremony, during the banquet she offered to Omar a magic toast, he took a bite and she took another bite and after that they lost knowledge together. When they revived they found themself in each other's body but they started to forget their previous lives. It's worked. After some days the new Omar would return to London to restart his life.

12 ott 2010

Old habit

"Sandy I've got told you a milion times. When we go out in each other's body I don't want you take your purse or people will think i'm a sissy boy!"

3 ott 2010

The Way To Home

Tony was in his car, stopped at the traffic light, when a big light hit him. Suddenly he found himself in another car and when look himself in a reaviewmirror saw a girl face instead of his usual. So he jumped out of the car but he nearly lost his balance due to his new high heels shoes. Around him there was confusion the traffic was blocked so he decided to go home by foot but it's was harder than he expected; the long hair on his new face the uncertain steps on the high heels made that a real task.

14 set 2010

Forced diet

Julie and Ryan have to live each other life until their father will repair the bodyswap machine. Besides Ryan is forced to a strict diet to keep in shape his sis body for the prom. So today he's having a lunch with only a yougurt while his "bro" is eating up a double cheesburger; it's not fair!

7 set 2010

More things change...

Linda's parents were always fighting over anything. So Linda took a decision, she bought a magic spell to switch their bodies with the promise to reverse the spell at the end of the month in order to understand each other better. But even today at the pub they keep on fighiting, the new mom says the the new dad drinks too much and the new dad responds that that new mom wears a skirt too short. Poor Linda more things change, most remain the same.

2 set 2010

Ruining the reputation

Jenna has always mistreated her little bro Brian. So one day he had his revenge. When she's was prepare herself for a first date with a guy, he used a magic powder and take her place in front of the mirror with much shock of the real Jenna. His plan was to ruin his sis reputation so he was gone to the date dressed like a slut and having sex the first night but something gone wrong. The following morning he found out to be pregnant and that makes the swap permanent.

24 ago 2010

New sexual pleasure

Fred is very satisfied in new his female body he feels new sensations he had never felt before. When he found his wife was bisex she persauded him to change his form with a magic spell, so he did it. Now he is thinking making this spell permanent and to become a big support of gay marriage.

14 ago 2010

Magic bon bons

"Come on Tiffany, take this magic bon bon and return in this body, these heels are hurting my ankles! What does it mean it's my turn to be pretty and sexy?"

10 giu 2010

The Vickie Quiz

leslie's Result: Getting Ready for Your Date!
on quiz: Where will you be, one week after being feminized?
Adapting to your new female life hasn't been easy. You've decided to take things one step at a time, and there's nothing wrong with that. Tonight, you'll be going out with someone you've recently met, who makes you enjoy feeling like the woman you've become. Will it lead to something more serious? Perhaps; only time will tell...

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NOTE: the password is "femme"

6 giu 2010

Fun in everyway

Samantha bought a magic drink in a SRU shop in order to be more sexy for her boyfriend Gary. When she back home, she left the bottle on the table where it was took by Gary. He was so thirsty that he swallowed it without reading. After that he felt very strange and his body changed into a gorgeous version of Samantha including a sexy outfit.. She entered in the room and saw what happened to Gary so while Sam was going back to the magic shop for taking an antidote his boyfriend waiting at home. Left alone Gary went into the bathroom and started to take off the clothes, admiring in the mirror is new sexy body. After an hour he heard a click to the door and new version of his former body came in :"Hi honey, I didn't found the antidote but thats no means we can fun each other in another way!" At these words Gary new nipples started to become hard...

2 giu 2010

Double reward

Gina, Timmy's mom, begged his son to swap body with her in order to escape a dinner with her mother in law Martha. She promised him twenty dollars for reward. He accepted therefore they used a pair of magic ring to make the switch. That evening the new Timmy went to the cinema with his new friends while the new Gina was ready to go in a restaurant with her "husband" and the couple of her parents in law. Timmy was flattered to be treat like an adult in his mom's body but after two hours with his former granny was exsausted. She was hypercritical about every aspect of his mom. So Timmy will ask his mother to redouble the reward or he will remain in her body much longer.

28 mag 2010

Loss of authority

Emily's parents found themselves in each other's bodies after the GS but they decided to not reverse their parental roles. Tonight Emily is ready to go out with her friends in a new sexy black dress. Jim, Emily's father, has always make a big protest about the sexy dress of his daughter but now it's very hard to maintain his authority when you have to wear a skirt shorter than hers. So the only thing to do for Jim now it's smoking one of his favourite cigars, the only habit didn't change after the GS.

24 mag 2010

A very lucky dip

Jimmy was taken by his aunt Kelly to a fundraising event where he's was boring. When he won a ring at the lucky dip, he put it on his finger and without thinking he made the wish to having fun at this party. Suddenly he found himself in the gourgeous body of his aunt Kelly. Instinctively he started to flirt with an handsome guy met at the party. Now Jimmy thinking that he's was having a ball to be sorrounded by guy's attenction and that night he will have even more fun.

27 apr 2010

Mutual aid

Robert is putting the polish on his sister's feet Rebecca, meanwhile she's doing her bro's homeworks. So Bob will take her place on her date in order to seduce his friend Mick because she's very dumb with the boys, but on the other hand she's a very brilliant student. Thanks to the magic med life is easier in the family.

9 apr 2010

Obligations double.

"Believe me Aron! When the Great Shift left me in the body of this woman I was happy, I was a simple office boy before and now I was the wife of one of the most important man of the city.
I hoped to get my hands on his big fortune but after one day I found that he was one of the few people didn't change body also he imposed me to observe the previous premarital agreement if I didn't want to end up in the middle of the road. So now I'm always on a diet to keep my shape I must attend to boring social events and even satisfy his every sexual fantasy.
Sometimes Aron I'd like to be in your body, your not very rich but you're a widow."

1 apr 2010

Another cup

Jimmy is taking an extra cup of coffee before going to work as his mom. Until they try to repair the strange laser gun she bought from an strange shop they decided to keep the bodyswap a secret. Jimmy found out that the daytime of an adult woman never ends so he need an extra energy to do all his new tasks.

26 mar 2010


Suddenly after the GS, it must have been enjoyable for Howard looking down and seeing many female legs, but after one minute it must have been a shock to found out one pair of that fabulous legs belonged to him.

23 mar 2010

Opposite gender day

Michael's mom bought a schoolgirl outfit for him because was the opposite gender day. The following morning Michael took the clothes out of the closet and start to wear them. But after putting the last shoe something happened his body started to changed and was morphed like a real girl. He suddenly run to his mother's room but she was expected him. She told him that she bought that outfit in a SRU shop and so was magic she wanted to teach him a real gender opposite experience and it will be not only one day but all the week the school was informed.
Michael now is thinking how his friend will make fun of him.

17 mar 2010

The judgment

In the future the brain transplant will be common. One day Stephen and his girlfriend Amanda had a car accident. His body was very injured but his brain was undamaged contrariwise for Amanda. So the surgeon decided to put Stephen's brain in Amanda's body. After a month of rehabilitation he or she was ready to go home but there was a controversy. Amanda's parents wanted the custody of him because biologically he still was their daughter on the other side Stephen's parents said the his truth identity belonged to their son so he had to live with them.
In the the end the judge pronounced that Stephanie Amanda Adams Bathes would have to live alternately one month with his new parents and another month with his former ones until his 21th birthday with his great disappointment.

15 mar 2010

keeping the appearances

Joan asked a great favor to his big bro Mick a night out in body with the legal age to drink. So they bought a magic formula to swap their bodies so while Mick remained at home under the control of his parents control, Joan was at the pub with his friend. Later one of his friend called him and said his bro was too drunk too drive so he could sleep at his home. The following morning Joan was not come back yet and Mick for keeping the appearances he has go to school instead of his sis, this he didn't expect.

10 mar 2010

No more risks

I came from a family of criminals always fighting with the law. My father was killed in a shooting and my mom raised me and my big bro all by herself. But when my bro went in prison for drug dealing my mom took a big decision. She payed a witch and demanded a spell to change me into a female. The following morning I woke up and screamed for what was happened to me, suddenly mom came into my room and told me the whole story, she said that if I would remain in this body she help me to behave like a proper lady and I would no have risk to be a criminal and for prize she would gave me the money of a secret fund that my father left her for my 21th birthday otherwise if I would change back she left me alone with a little amount of money and no future to become a good person. I thought a little while and I decided to start a new life like a girl, my mom was so happy for that moment my name was Rebecca the name she have chosen if I were born female. Now after a year my life is changed completely mom taught me all domestic chores and I have no risk to going in prison like my big bro, the most dangerous thing I do now is to use the lawnmower on saturday morning.

NOTE: This blog makes one year, Happy birthday!

5 mar 2010

New point of view

Mary Anne was tired of the incessant sexual requests of his boyfriend Ryan. So she cast a spell to switch their life and taking a day for herself but something went wrong. The sexual appetite of Ryan doesn't go away it's only changed the object of his\her desire and now Mary Anne is on the point to receive her first blow-job of her life.
"I never guess that my face was so sexy when I was excited now I know what Ryan feels"

2 mar 2010

Oh no you've found me! or another gender test

theartofbodyswap.blogspot.com is probably written by a female
somewhere between 36-50 years old.
The writing style is personal and upset most of the time.
Who you really are?

1 mar 2010

Don't touch my clothes!

That night Timmy was ready to go in bed. He went to the bath when he saw a pair of his sister's pantyhose on the floor he get aroused and decided to take an hand-job wearing them. But after putting them on his legs, something strange happened. He was transformed in another person and when looked at the mirror he saw the image of Tanya his sister. She was an apprentice witch and put a curse on her clothes in order to protect her things but it seems Timmy doesn't mind. Instead of a boy orgasm he will have a girl one.

27 feb 2010

Old habits

Old habits die hard. Even after the GS Brian is wasting time at work playing with the computer and reading his favourite men's magazine.

23 feb 2010

Not so stupid

Rita raised the head and saw her face who smiled kindly. It was evident that the little boy who wanted private lessons and invited her in his house set a trap for her. He used some magic to steal her body and go far away from this boring town. With his new body and his smart brain he will become a celebrity yeah.

16 feb 2010

The science project (part 4)

The following days in Mrs Allison's body was a hard challenge for Mat but all was fixed. That night he was ready to participate to a funds raising dinner in order to complete the project. After the dinner he reaveled who really was and everybody were shocked, the machine worked fine and Mat became a star, he thought to remain in this body afterall he was a celebrity.

5 feb 2010

Lost balance

Mark was spending the weekend in his aunt house when the GS happened, after a strange light
he closed his eyes and when he try to move himself he lost his balance and his bottom touched the floor. When the light was gone he saw two mounds of flesh on his chest and a pair of smooth high heeled legs with no doubt belonged to his aunt meanwhile he heard his voice screaming from the other room, this will be an unforgettable weekend.

4 feb 2010

Bad gift

"Do you want to know what I really think of your magic kimono? That's what I think!"
Dick is not happy of the magic present that his friend Bob has taken from Japan. He told him to wear it and express a wish. Dick said he wanted a woman but he didn't expected to become one himself.

1 feb 2010

Pub trick

In Ireland beware when you enter in a pub. The owners could be elfs who like to play a trick on the strangers. Donna and Mike are couple that traded bodies after some pint. Donna felt strange to be in a body not belong to her while Mike is so drunk he doesn't realized what's happened.

30 gen 2010

No more excitement

Edward was a crossdresser and when the GS happened he found himself in the body of the next door girl. So now he has all the female clothes he wants but now they are just normal clothes only, without the thrill of excitement. One day he's gone in the bathroom wearing the most sexy lingerie he could have and try to masturbate but nothing of that aroused him. So his days of crossdresser were over and decided to catch that copy of Playgirl that found under the bed.

28 gen 2010

The science project (part 3)

After the complete success of the experiment Mrs Allison decided they have to remain in each other's body for a little while to test the mutual adaption . So while Mrs Allison took a walk Mat decided to make a bath. Only when he found himself alone he felt a bit of regret to participate to the project he was in the body of a chubby adult woman and he didn't know when he could go back in his athletic and young body.

25 gen 2010

Decent proposal

Brian was waiting that is wife going to bed than he run in the other room and take out from the dresser the medallion of Zulo and with one of her skirt he turns into a copy of her. Suddenly the was opened and Brian whirled and saw his boss Bob. "Hi Bob I didn't expected so early now let's make out until my wife sleeping but I remember you that promised me a promotion right?"

22 gen 2010

Just follow law [2007]

I saw this singaporean movie last night. It mixes the classic tg elements with aspects of social satire. Very funny.
Watch it on Youtube

14 gen 2010

The science project (part 2)

Finally Mat stood up and saw Mrs Allison body in her all glory. He istinctively covered his new breast, and waiting the real Mrs Alison could give him the ok to get out...

11 gen 2010

The science project

All had started when Mrs. Allison sought volunteers for her test. Matthew and John volunteered in order to raise their grades in biology. The test was not in the school but in the personal lab of Mrs. Allison and that day only Matthew was present because John was sick. The woman explained to Mat it's was a mind swap test and that she could take the place of John in the experiment. So they took off their clothes and entered in the capsules. After a minute the machine started and Mat felt a strange sensation over his all body. For a moment it went dark and he lost the balance. When the light came back he was in his teacher body...

9 gen 2010

Bad day

«Mom, I hope that dad repair the bodyswitch machine as soon as possible I'm tired of going to work instead of you and dealing with your chauvinistic boss and your invidious colleagues, besides I cannot wait to put off this formal outfit and wear a pair of jeans but dear mom why there's no anyone in your closet?»

8 gen 2010

A night to remember (part2)

After too many drinks Bobby was very confused and fainted. The following morning he woke up in a stranger room with runs on his pantyhose and he found with pain the one of "his friend" had taken an advantage of him. Suddenly he runs back home trying to return in his former body but he found with horror the the Medallion didn't work, he was pregnant so he will find what is to be a mother very soon.

A night to remember (part 1)

Bobby and his sister Alice were always arguing each other about who seems to be the better life. When they found the Medallion of Zulo they can test their theory. So that night the little Bobby was morphed into the big sister and he spent the whole night dancing and drinking with his new male friends. He thinked that be an adult was fantastic even his "bro" persuaded him to wear provocative dress but it was worth it...

7 gen 2010

Indipendent life

«Bye Mrs. Leiton see you the next week!» The babysitter said while walking out of the Leitons' house after putting in bed the little Tommy. What Mrs. Leiton doesn't know it's that in babysitter's body there is her son Tommy who used a magic spell to change Miss Sunny in him physically and mentally, so he can escape from a repressive family and living an indipendent life.

6 gen 2010

No more injections

Nina was afraid of injections and thanks to her babysitter, a witch, she was able to avoid them forever. When came the day of going to the doctor, she casted a spell which her babysitter had teached her. So she swapped body with her dad Jason saying him that if he will take the injection instead of her he will back in his body. Now Jason is in the doctor room in his best jumper waiting that all comes to the end. The only consolation for him is that after the injection the doc has promised him a candy.

5 gen 2010

Short circuit

Mary and Donald are a couple of scientists that were working on a secret body-switch machine for almost two years. That day they make another test using themselves like guinea pigs. The experiment was a success and they were exchange in each other's body. But after still going out of the capsules there was short circuit and the lab was on fire. They escaped just in time and while they were watching the project of their life destroyed, they thinking that maybe working another year they can back to their original bodies.

4 gen 2010

No more nasty!

"Girl please! Give us our bodies back, We have learned the lesson, Women are not stupid, we'll never act nasty to you anymore!"

3 gen 2010

Letters from China

Peter and his friend were in China when the GS happened. His friend was one of the few people didn't trade body while he was switched with a local teen girl. After the initial shock they spent the day searching Peter's body but they did not found. They went to the American embassy and found with horror that someone came before saying to be the real Peter Ainman ready to go back in the USA because the Chinese government didn't authorize the "local bodies" to go away from the country. So Peter had to stuck here, while his friend came back and met Peter's parents (now in each other's body) and told them the whole story. Now three months have passed since that fatal day and Peter is almost get used to live in another body and in another country. He lives with the girl's parents that consider him like their "adopted daughter" and now he's sending an email to his real parents to assure them on his new life and hoping that someday he can embrace them again.

2 gen 2010

In a motel room

Ryan was travelling for work and decided to stop in a motel for the night. But before going bed he wanted to satisfy some sexual urges and took a whore in his room. When he entered in he felt tired so he reach himself on the bed and closed his eyes. When he woke up he found with horror that the woman not only stole his wallet and his car but even his body. How can he explain this to the police?

1 gen 2010

Happy new year?

"Hey darling, do you remember that strange shop where we buy this bottle of switchampagne?
Hmm... taste good? HEY honey but.. Why am I wearing your dress?!"