30 gen 2010

No more excitement

Edward was a crossdresser and when the GS happened he found himself in the body of the next door girl. So now he has all the female clothes he wants but now they are just normal clothes only, without the thrill of excitement. One day he's gone in the bathroom wearing the most sexy lingerie he could have and try to masturbate but nothing of that aroused him. So his days of crossdresser were over and decided to catch that copy of Playgirl that found under the bed.

28 gen 2010

The science project (part 3)

After the complete success of the experiment Mrs Allison decided they have to remain in each other's body for a little while to test the mutual adaption . So while Mrs Allison took a walk Mat decided to make a bath. Only when he found himself alone he felt a bit of regret to participate to the project he was in the body of a chubby adult woman and he didn't know when he could go back in his athletic and young body.

25 gen 2010

Decent proposal

Brian was waiting that is wife going to bed than he run in the other room and take out from the dresser the medallion of Zulo and with one of her skirt he turns into a copy of her. Suddenly the was opened and Brian whirled and saw his boss Bob. "Hi Bob I didn't expected so early now let's make out until my wife sleeping but I remember you that promised me a promotion right?"

22 gen 2010

Just follow law [2007]

I saw this singaporean movie last night. It mixes the classic tg elements with aspects of social satire. Very funny.
Watch it on Youtube

14 gen 2010

The science project (part 2)

Finally Mat stood up and saw Mrs Allison body in her all glory. He istinctively covered his new breast, and waiting the real Mrs Alison could give him the ok to get out...

11 gen 2010

The science project

All had started when Mrs. Allison sought volunteers for her test. Matthew and John volunteered in order to raise their grades in biology. The test was not in the school but in the personal lab of Mrs. Allison and that day only Matthew was present because John was sick. The woman explained to Mat it's was a mind swap test and that she could take the place of John in the experiment. So they took off their clothes and entered in the capsules. After a minute the machine started and Mat felt a strange sensation over his all body. For a moment it went dark and he lost the balance. When the light came back he was in his teacher body...

9 gen 2010

Bad day

«Mom, I hope that dad repair the bodyswitch machine as soon as possible I'm tired of going to work instead of you and dealing with your chauvinistic boss and your invidious colleagues, besides I cannot wait to put off this formal outfit and wear a pair of jeans but dear mom why there's no anyone in your closet?»

8 gen 2010

A night to remember (part2)

After too many drinks Bobby was very confused and fainted. The following morning he woke up in a stranger room with runs on his pantyhose and he found with pain the one of "his friend" had taken an advantage of him. Suddenly he runs back home trying to return in his former body but he found with horror the the Medallion didn't work, he was pregnant so he will find what is to be a mother very soon.

A night to remember (part 1)

Bobby and his sister Alice were always arguing each other about who seems to be the better life. When they found the Medallion of Zulo they can test their theory. So that night the little Bobby was morphed into the big sister and he spent the whole night dancing and drinking with his new male friends. He thinked that be an adult was fantastic even his "bro" persuaded him to wear provocative dress but it was worth it...

7 gen 2010

Indipendent life

«Bye Mrs. Leiton see you the next week!» The babysitter said while walking out of the Leitons' house after putting in bed the little Tommy. What Mrs. Leiton doesn't know it's that in babysitter's body there is her son Tommy who used a magic spell to change Miss Sunny in him physically and mentally, so he can escape from a repressive family and living an indipendent life.

6 gen 2010

No more injections

Nina was afraid of injections and thanks to her babysitter, a witch, she was able to avoid them forever. When came the day of going to the doctor, she casted a spell which her babysitter had teached her. So she swapped body with her dad Jason saying him that if he will take the injection instead of her he will back in his body. Now Jason is in the doctor room in his best jumper waiting that all comes to the end. The only consolation for him is that after the injection the doc has promised him a candy.

5 gen 2010

Short circuit

Mary and Donald are a couple of scientists that were working on a secret body-switch machine for almost two years. That day they make another test using themselves like guinea pigs. The experiment was a success and they were exchange in each other's body. But after still going out of the capsules there was short circuit and the lab was on fire. They escaped just in time and while they were watching the project of their life destroyed, they thinking that maybe working another year they can back to their original bodies.

4 gen 2010

No more nasty!

"Girl please! Give us our bodies back, We have learned the lesson, Women are not stupid, we'll never act nasty to you anymore!"

3 gen 2010

Letters from China

Peter and his friend were in China when the GS happened. His friend was one of the few people didn't trade body while he was switched with a local teen girl. After the initial shock they spent the day searching Peter's body but they did not found. They went to the American embassy and found with horror that someone came before saying to be the real Peter Ainman ready to go back in the USA because the Chinese government didn't authorize the "local bodies" to go away from the country. So Peter had to stuck here, while his friend came back and met Peter's parents (now in each other's body) and told them the whole story. Now three months have passed since that fatal day and Peter is almost get used to live in another body and in another country. He lives with the girl's parents that consider him like their "adopted daughter" and now he's sending an email to his real parents to assure them on his new life and hoping that someday he can embrace them again.

2 gen 2010

In a motel room

Ryan was travelling for work and decided to stop in a motel for the night. But before going bed he wanted to satisfy some sexual urges and took a whore in his room. When he entered in he felt tired so he reach himself on the bed and closed his eyes. When he woke up he found with horror that the woman not only stole his wallet and his car but even his body. How can he explain this to the police?

1 gen 2010

Happy new year?

"Hey darling, do you remember that strange shop where we buy this bottle of switchampagne?
Hmm... taste good? HEY honey but.. Why am I wearing your dress?!"