27 feb 2010

Old habits

Old habits die hard. Even after the GS Brian is wasting time at work playing with the computer and reading his favourite men's magazine.

23 feb 2010

Not so stupid

Rita raised the head and saw her face who smiled kindly. It was evident that the little boy who wanted private lessons and invited her in his house set a trap for her. He used some magic to steal her body and go far away from this boring town. With his new body and his smart brain he will become a celebrity yeah.

16 feb 2010

The science project (part 4)

The following days in Mrs Allison's body was a hard challenge for Mat but all was fixed. That night he was ready to participate to a funds raising dinner in order to complete the project. After the dinner he reaveled who really was and everybody were shocked, the machine worked fine and Mat became a star, he thought to remain in this body afterall he was a celebrity.

5 feb 2010

Lost balance

Mark was spending the weekend in his aunt house when the GS happened, after a strange light
he closed his eyes and when he try to move himself he lost his balance and his bottom touched the floor. When the light was gone he saw two mounds of flesh on his chest and a pair of smooth high heeled legs with no doubt belonged to his aunt meanwhile he heard his voice screaming from the other room, this will be an unforgettable weekend.

4 feb 2010

Bad gift

"Do you want to know what I really think of your magic kimono? That's what I think!"
Dick is not happy of the magic present that his friend Bob has taken from Japan. He told him to wear it and express a wish. Dick said he wanted a woman but he didn't expected to become one himself.

1 feb 2010

Pub trick

In Ireland beware when you enter in a pub. The owners could be elfs who like to play a trick on the strangers. Donna and Mike are couple that traded bodies after some pint. Donna felt strange to be in a body not belong to her while Mike is so drunk he doesn't realized what's happened.