26 mar 2010


Suddenly after the GS, it must have been enjoyable for Howard looking down and seeing many female legs, but after one minute it must have been a shock to found out one pair of that fabulous legs belonged to him.

23 mar 2010

Opposite gender day

Michael's mom bought a schoolgirl outfit for him because was the opposite gender day. The following morning Michael took the clothes out of the closet and start to wear them. But after putting the last shoe something happened his body started to changed and was morphed like a real girl. He suddenly run to his mother's room but she was expected him. She told him that she bought that outfit in a SRU shop and so was magic she wanted to teach him a real gender opposite experience and it will be not only one day but all the week the school was informed.
Michael now is thinking how his friend will make fun of him.

17 mar 2010

The judgment

In the future the brain transplant will be common. One day Stephen and his girlfriend Amanda had a car accident. His body was very injured but his brain was undamaged contrariwise for Amanda. So the surgeon decided to put Stephen's brain in Amanda's body. After a month of rehabilitation he or she was ready to go home but there was a controversy. Amanda's parents wanted the custody of him because biologically he still was their daughter on the other side Stephen's parents said the his truth identity belonged to their son so he had to live with them.
In the the end the judge pronounced that Stephanie Amanda Adams Bathes would have to live alternately one month with his new parents and another month with his former ones until his 21th birthday with his great disappointment.

15 mar 2010

keeping the appearances

Joan asked a great favor to his big bro Mick a night out in body with the legal age to drink. So they bought a magic formula to swap their bodies so while Mick remained at home under the control of his parents control, Joan was at the pub with his friend. Later one of his friend called him and said his bro was too drunk too drive so he could sleep at his home. The following morning Joan was not come back yet and Mick for keeping the appearances he has go to school instead of his sis, this he didn't expect.

10 mar 2010

No more risks

I came from a family of criminals always fighting with the law. My father was killed in a shooting and my mom raised me and my big bro all by herself. But when my bro went in prison for drug dealing my mom took a big decision. She payed a witch and demanded a spell to change me into a female. The following morning I woke up and screamed for what was happened to me, suddenly mom came into my room and told me the whole story, she said that if I would remain in this body she help me to behave like a proper lady and I would no have risk to be a criminal and for prize she would gave me the money of a secret fund that my father left her for my 21th birthday otherwise if I would change back she left me alone with a little amount of money and no future to become a good person. I thought a little while and I decided to start a new life like a girl, my mom was so happy for that moment my name was Rebecca the name she have chosen if I were born female. Now after a year my life is changed completely mom taught me all domestic chores and I have no risk to going in prison like my big bro, the most dangerous thing I do now is to use the lawnmower on saturday morning.

NOTE: This blog makes one year, Happy birthday!

5 mar 2010

New point of view

Mary Anne was tired of the incessant sexual requests of his boyfriend Ryan. So she cast a spell to switch their life and taking a day for herself but something went wrong. The sexual appetite of Ryan doesn't go away it's only changed the object of his\her desire and now Mary Anne is on the point to receive her first blow-job of her life.
"I never guess that my face was so sexy when I was excited now I know what Ryan feels"

2 mar 2010

Oh no you've found me! or another gender test

theartofbodyswap.blogspot.com is probably written by a female
somewhere between 36-50 years old.
The writing style is personal and upset most of the time.
Who you really are?

1 mar 2010

Don't touch my clothes!

That night Timmy was ready to go in bed. He went to the bath when he saw a pair of his sister's pantyhose on the floor he get aroused and decided to take an hand-job wearing them. But after putting them on his legs, something strange happened. He was transformed in another person and when looked at the mirror he saw the image of Tanya his sister. She was an apprentice witch and put a curse on her clothes in order to protect her things but it seems Timmy doesn't mind. Instead of a boy orgasm he will have a girl one.