27 apr 2010

Mutual aid

Robert is putting the polish on his sister's feet Rebecca, meanwhile she's doing her bro's homeworks. So Bob will take her place on her date in order to seduce his friend Mick because she's very dumb with the boys, but on the other hand she's a very brilliant student. Thanks to the magic med life is easier in the family.

9 apr 2010

Obligations double.

"Believe me Aron! When the Great Shift left me in the body of this woman I was happy, I was a simple office boy before and now I was the wife of one of the most important man of the city.
I hoped to get my hands on his big fortune but after one day I found that he was one of the few people didn't change body also he imposed me to observe the previous premarital agreement if I didn't want to end up in the middle of the road. So now I'm always on a diet to keep my shape I must attend to boring social events and even satisfy his every sexual fantasy.
Sometimes Aron I'd like to be in your body, your not very rich but you're a widow."

1 apr 2010

Another cup

Jimmy is taking an extra cup of coffee before going to work as his mom. Until they try to repair the strange laser gun she bought from an strange shop they decided to keep the bodyswap a secret. Jimmy found out that the daytime of an adult woman never ends so he need an extra energy to do all his new tasks.