10 giu 2010

The Vickie Quiz

leslie's Result: Getting Ready for Your Date!
on quiz: Where will you be, one week after being feminized?
Adapting to your new female life hasn't been easy. You've decided to take things one step at a time, and there's nothing wrong with that. Tonight, you'll be going out with someone you've recently met, who makes you enjoy feeling like the woman you've become. Will it lead to something more serious? Perhaps; only time will tell...

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6 giu 2010

Fun in everyway

Samantha bought a magic drink in a SRU shop in order to be more sexy for her boyfriend Gary. When she back home, she left the bottle on the table where it was took by Gary. He was so thirsty that he swallowed it without reading. After that he felt very strange and his body changed into a gorgeous version of Samantha including a sexy outfit.. She entered in the room and saw what happened to Gary so while Sam was going back to the magic shop for taking an antidote his boyfriend waiting at home. Left alone Gary went into the bathroom and started to take off the clothes, admiring in the mirror is new sexy body. After an hour he heard a click to the door and new version of his former body came in :"Hi honey, I didn't found the antidote but thats no means we can fun each other in another way!" At these words Gary new nipples started to become hard...

2 giu 2010

Double reward

Gina, Timmy's mom, begged his son to swap body with her in order to escape a dinner with her mother in law Martha. She promised him twenty dollars for reward. He accepted therefore they used a pair of magic ring to make the switch. That evening the new Timmy went to the cinema with his new friends while the new Gina was ready to go in a restaurant with her "husband" and the couple of her parents in law. Timmy was flattered to be treat like an adult in his mom's body but after two hours with his former granny was exsausted. She was hypercritical about every aspect of his mom. So Timmy will ask his mother to redouble the reward or he will remain in her body much longer.