14 set 2010

Forced diet

Julie and Ryan have to live each other life until their father will repair the bodyswap machine. Besides Ryan is forced to a strict diet to keep in shape his sis body for the prom. So today he's having a lunch with only a yougurt while his "bro" is eating up a double cheesburger; it's not fair!

7 set 2010

More things change...

Linda's parents were always fighting over anything. So Linda took a decision, she bought a magic spell to switch their bodies with the promise to reverse the spell at the end of the month in order to understand each other better. But even today at the pub they keep on fighiting, the new mom says the the new dad drinks too much and the new dad responds that that new mom wears a skirt too short. Poor Linda more things change, most remain the same.

2 set 2010

Ruining the reputation

Jenna has always mistreated her little bro Brian. So one day he had his revenge. When she's was prepare herself for a first date with a guy, he used a magic powder and take her place in front of the mirror with much shock of the real Jenna. His plan was to ruin his sis reputation so he was gone to the date dressed like a slut and having sex the first night but something gone wrong. The following morning he found out to be pregnant and that makes the swap permanent.