23 ott 2010

Arranged marriage

Yasmeen was sad. Her parents had prepared for her an arranged marriage with a wealthy member of their community. Two days before the marriage she knew her old friend Omar who was studying abroad, took part to the ceremony. She rembered of the magic who learned from her granny and decided to steal Omar 's life. The day of the ceremony, during the banquet she offered to Omar a magic toast, he took a bite and she took another bite and after that they lost knowledge together. When they revived they found themself in each other's body but they started to forget their previous lives. It's worked. After some days the new Omar would return to London to restart his life.

12 ott 2010

Old habit

"Sandy I've got told you a milion times. When we go out in each other's body I don't want you take your purse or people will think i'm a sissy boy!"

3 ott 2010

The Way To Home

Tony was in his car, stopped at the traffic light, when a big light hit him. Suddenly he found himself in another car and when look himself in a reaviewmirror saw a girl face instead of his usual. So he jumped out of the car but he nearly lost his balance due to his new high heels shoes. Around him there was confusion the traffic was blocked so he decided to go home by foot but it's was harder than he expected; the long hair on his new face the uncertain steps on the high heels made that a real task.