15 ott 2011

From boy to tomboy

 After the Great Shift  the student Daniel, became Sara one of his former classmates. Despite his new gender, Daniel continued to behave like a boy dressing with a sloppy clothes. But one day the unexpected happned: he felt in love with a boy. They started to date and when he invited the new Sara to the prom, he felt unsuitable showing so unfeminine. So she  asked for help to the most popular girl in the school Tiffany. Now at Tiffany's home the new Sara has learned graceful gestures and  a new posture and how apply a make up but she's still fear of walking in high heels or wear a barbie dress like Tiffany but this is the price to pay for her new aquired feminity.

12 ott 2011

Fraternal support

My sister was very sad after his recent divorce. So I decided to host her at my house for a few days. One evening, seeing more anxious than usual I said I would do anything to make her happy. The next morning I awoke with a strange feeling, I got up and a waterfall of blonde hair covered my face. Something magical happened: I was my sister! On the bathroom mirror I read the following sentence: I found that the only man who never disappoint me in life, are you, thank you.

19 set 2011

Golden slumbers

After the Great Shift the six years old Johnny was changed with his 24 years old neighbor Paula. Like a child he didn't get sleep without his teddy bear and diaper pants and so do the same in his new adult female body.

8 set 2011

A Strange Female Impersonator

 Female impersonator John "Jyneen" Simms leads a dual life as a construction worker and as a stripper. He is male, but has artificial breast implants and dresses up as a woman for private parties.

29 ago 2011

Out of shape no more

Dan was a stressed overweight man so one day He decided to take a break from his work. He went to exchange island and he was transferred in the body of slim blonde woman. So now he can not wait to show off his new gold bikini on the beaches of the island.

5 lug 2011

A night at the fairground

Pamela and her little brother Frank were stuck as each other after playing with the medallion of Zulo. So Frank was forced to take his sister's place for a date that night. "His boyfriend" Steve wanted to take his girl to a fancy restaurant but when Frank saw the fairground  lights ask to Steve to stop the car for take a look around. Steve was very surprised when he saw his new girlfriend taking a ride on all the attractions and stuffing herself of cotton candy. He said he was tired and that if she didn't want to go on the restaurant with him she would do better to look for another guy. "No problem" Frank said. Now the new Pamela in a dodgem car is launching a glance to an handsome boy in the hope to obtain another free ride.

22 giu 2011

More than a friendship

Hey dude! Don't you think it's time to look our former body, get out of the bed!
Relax man! You've heard the tv, there's the caos on the streets all we can do it's stay here in this hotel.
But what will happen if this switch will be permanent?
Frankly man I don't care about; after seeing your new pair of legs, I think that between us there will be much more of a friendship!

6 giu 2011

An unexpected discovery

Tom and Mary have found an ancient medallion in an antiquary shop and that same night they even found that was magic with the bodyswitch power. It was very funny to be each other all the week long but when they decided to swap back they found it was lost. That day Tom went out from Mary's office for the lunch break but before eating he went to the public library in order to get much more information on the medallion. So he took a book on the magic artifacts and discoverd with much pain that another properties of the object called Zulo was disappering much frequently.

15 mag 2011

Panic at the Disco

Greg was walking through the corridor of the disco, when he crossed the eyes of a girl who was entering in the toilet. For a moment he figured to enter in her panties when the light gone out. When the light went back, he felt something on his lips and with much surprise saw the girl who was entered in the toilet. In shock he continued to put the lipstick like a robot for another minute.

6 mag 2011

Happy mother's day

My mother said I was lazy and that one day  she would have find a solution. Today when I woke up I found with much surprise to be in my mom's body. There was a message on the mirror said: Happy mother's day honey, the next week you'll be the lady of the house while I 'm going to holiday with your girlfriend, don't let me  down or the swap will become permanent. Shit! I said.

28 apr 2011

Real proof

"Ok honey I believe you! You're a real witch now please give me my body back, I'm an admirer of women's breast not to have one for myself!"

10 mar 2011

Dad's new interest

My daughter Jessica was wasting her time with the shopping and the boys while I was working hard for maintain her. The GS settled things. Now she is in my old body and works for my former stupid boss, while i'm free to start my new young life made of study, friends and boys of course.

28 feb 2011

Motherly love

James is very embarassed walking down the aisle in a floral dress and especially inhabiting the mother of the bride's body. All started when his future mother in law found out that he could married her daughter only for the money. She cast a spell on him in order to teach him the meaning of love: he would take the shape of the person who loved more his future wife. So now he has to play the part if he wants a chance to return in his  old body.

31 gen 2011

the First Mission

Lester was an undercover agent and was ready for his first mission in a shape of a woman in order to catch a boss. Thanks to the new nanotechnologies now is Tiffany, a young dancer that will use a lipstick-microphone to steal delicate secrets, but before technology he must use his new female beauty to melt the reticence of that man. It's a hard work, but someone's gotta do it.