22 giu 2011

More than a friendship

Hey dude! Don't you think it's time to look our former body, get out of the bed!
Relax man! You've heard the tv, there's the caos on the streets all we can do it's stay here in this hotel.
But what will happen if this switch will be permanent?
Frankly man I don't care about; after seeing your new pair of legs, I think that between us there will be much more of a friendship!

6 giu 2011

An unexpected discovery

Tom and Mary have found an ancient medallion in an antiquary shop and that same night they even found that was magic with the bodyswitch power. It was very funny to be each other all the week long but when they decided to swap back they found it was lost. That day Tom went out from Mary's office for the lunch break but before eating he went to the public library in order to get much more information on the medallion. So he took a book on the magic artifacts and discoverd with much pain that another properties of the object called Zulo was disappering much frequently.